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As is true with any good website or Christian, our church is a work in progress. When you walk into our building you will find a family who is striving hard to become what God has called us to be, a reflection of his son. You will find a family growing together. We are: Learning to be merciful. Striving to be biblical. Fighting against our “me centered” nature so that we can be unselfish in our service to our community. Many of us struggle. All of us fall short. You will find that we love our children and are willing to do whatever is necessary to help them grow in Christ. When you visit our family we hope you will also find that this is the family you’ve been searching for all along.

Our Vision




The Columbus Church of Christ seeks to love Godlove each other, and serve the world. This three-fold statement of purpose is something the shepherds are committed to keeping before the congregation. In loving God, we emphasize God’s call to worship.  This is about much more than worship assemblies, it is about experiencing the presence of God.  In loving each other, we emphasize the importance of being an authentic community of faith.  We are not called to be a collection of lone rangers, but a people intimately connected, living in solidarity, making church a place that welcomes others, offers a place to belong, and promotes healing.  And in loving each other, the church is also a place that promotes accountability, a place where we mature each other, much as iron sharpens iron as we work to equip each other to be the hands and feet of Christ.  Finally, in serving the world we acknowledge God’s call for us to serve others, not to be served ourselves.  We emphasize our call to be witnesses to the power and truth of the gospel.