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Young people who have relationships with faithful adults are much more likely to become faithful adults themselves. Our mentors are men and women you can trust. They will accept your sons and daughters for who they are but also inspire them to become more. Our goal is for every member to commit to Christ through baptism, involvement in his ministry, and spiritual disciplines. We believe every person in our family should feel loved, safe, welcome, and included. If that happens we believe, when they move on to college, service to the kingdom will be second nature.

If you’re interested in seeing what we’re discussing in our classes and more info on what we’re doing you can click here. Feel free to use any of our materials to further Christ’s kingdom. Get on our mailing list for our monthly newsletter and periodic family challenges.

Here are the forms needed for our next adventure

–  Event Waiver Everyone needs to fill out an event waiver each year so we can keep our information current.

–  Honduras Packing List Here’s a list of the things you’ll want to make sure and have with you on a TORCH trip.

–  Torch Trip Application If you’re planning to go to Honduras with us you need to make sure and fill this out.

–  Torch Spanish Consent Form Make sure and fill this out, get it NOTARIZED, and send it in along with your TORCH application. An english translation is included along with this form that doesn’t need to be returned or notarized.

– Camp Packing List Here’s what you’ll want your child to bring to camp

– SLCC Walk Up Registration Print out an application if you are late registering for this year’s session

Check out these handy tips and share them with your family and friends

Talk to your teen about dating Here’s a great discussion format and agreement form provided by the good folks at orange to help you talk about a really important part of your child’s life

– Family Matters Hear some incredible advice from Andy Stanley’s podcast, Family Matters, that will change the climate in both your home and workplace.

– Fastweb Connect your child to a College scholarship by creating a profile on fastweb. Fastweb is an online scholarship matching service and college search service.

– What to say during a tragedy Catastrophe can strike at any moment in a family. Here’s help on how you can walk your child through Life’s downs.

– Plugged In Check out the content of the movies you’re thinking about seeing.

– Common Sense Media Check out the content of the video games and any other entertainment you may be considering. Also a great app for your mobile device.