/TORCH 2016 The Ladies of TORCH Day 1

TORCH 2016 The Ladies of TORCH Day 1

Day 1- “8 Senoritas en Honduras” Things really could not have gone any smoother all things considered. Check in was seamless and making our flights was just as smooth. It could be that we got a few “uh-oh’s” out of the way, at least Stateside, on the drive down to New Orleans Thursday. 1. Windshield wipers are a standard feature for a reason. 2. “Kendra you left your tennis shoes??!!” Aka Dirt Cheap run in Laurel 3. The van can go from arctic tundra freeze mode to equator level melt your toes off in less than 5 seconds!! 4. IHOP for supper is Preeeety dog gone amazing at 830 at night!! 5. Airport staff really have zero tolerance for the less experienced travelers. Really though it was such a fun ride down and thanks to Wade Ward for getting us to our hotel and off to the airport this morning! The flight from Houston to Tegucigalpa was THE roughest in comparison by far. (Ask for the landing videos!) It may come as no surprise to many of you that I am routinely mistaken as someone of Spanish origin and that has held true today!! Kendra and I were seated on the same aisle, she with the window seat and me on the aisle seat with an empty seat between us. A Honduran lady walks up and begins to hold a conversation with me as she puts her bags in the overhead. I of course have no clue what she is saying so I smile and nod which must be an affirmation to her that I understand these words coming out of her mouth. Next thing I know her pillow is in my lap for me to hold while she continues to arrange her belongings in the overhead bin. As she is now ready to take her seat she grabs her pillow and keeps talking to me and eventually I’m like oh yea I can just scoot over so you can have the aisle seat rather than crawl over me and my stuff. So I move over and she keeps talking and I smile and nod. The rest of the flight is pretty uneventful until the attendants begin to hand out the customs forms. I begin to fill mine out and the lady hands hers to me (speaking in tongues as far as my ears understand) and obviously I comprehend she needs help. So here we go, Kendra and I are trying to communicate with this lady to get her name as we were unsure from the passport which was first and which was last. How many people are traveling with her, Her date of birth. Man were we so proud when we deduced that one! However when we got to place of residence there was just no deciphering that code so I called over an attendant to assist her. Yeah I know that would’ve made more sense for that to have been step one but what was the fun in that?! It made a sweet connection that may have never occurred and we left the flight with a hug, genuine smiles, and a kiss on the cheek. So very much looking forward to more times like this and more with these beautiful people! Also in the customs line a couple walked up unsure of which line was correct and locks eyes with me and says, “Aqui?” Which I know is “here?” but when you aren’t expecting to be talked to it kinda throws you off so what is my reply?? As country as you can imagine I say, “NO HASTA ESPANOL!” Well my dear readers that will have to do for now. We still have supper to go to and possibly singing praises and worship at the Jesus statue later tonight so I can’t promise I would get this completed after coming back from that. We love you all and SO seek your prayers and thoughts on our behalf and for the people here Until next time….. Brandi and the 7 Amigas

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