/TORCH 2016 The Ladies of TORCH Day 2

TORCH 2016 The Ladies of TORCH Day 2

Today one bus went to the market while the other bus built a house. We chose to go to market where “Cuanto questa?” Or How much does this cost?, was the phrase of the day. Cisco served as our male Spanish speaking presence and graciously led our group around the market. Our bus split into 4 different teams with 2 teams responsible for vegetables and 2 for fruit. At the market young boys are standing ready with carts to help load up your purchases and follow you around as you shop. Our 2 boys would’ve been snatched up and brought back were it not illegal!! Kelvin and Brayan,who I would guess to be about 12 and 10 hauled loads that some grown men would struggle to push!! Tiffany noticed that the older boy Kelvin traded carts with the younger boy as his cart was much heavier than his own. It was very sweet and kind in a job that could so easily be grumbled over. We were able to tip them what is considered very well and above that and Kendra and I were blessed to be able to get our picture made with these precious boys.┬áProduce loaded up, we headed to Mi Esperanza where it was sorted and portioned out into buckets to be given to families up in the mountains. Back onto the bus for the hour plus ride to the town of Nuevas Tiempo(New Town) for delivery. On the steep and twisty ride up we saw many homes, some nice and some barely liveable. We could partially see the dump from a distance and the crowd of buzzards soaring overhead. There appeared to be a shack like structure on top and I can only assume someone must live amongst all that refuse. Once in the town we waited a while for things to be set in order to distribute the food as they didn’t want us to become swarmed by those wanting and needing food. As we waited children would wander up. Some played and some would sit like they just wanted us to come talk to them. Which we of course did as best we could and Gail held full conversations with most of them. They were all just so beautiful and with smiles that light you up from the inside. I took up with a little boy probably 6 named Oscar who I caught throwing gravel at the tires of the passing cars. I grinned at him as I caught him doing this and he would just smile and look coy like he got caught. I decided since I couldn’t really speak to him that I would just sit down beside him and join in his rock throwing! The time arrived when things were finally set in order for us to deliver the buckets of produce. Some of the homes were up some pretty steep inclines where the paths were very indistinct. One lady I helped deliver to appeared skeptical and took her time coming to her door as Josea yelled for her in Spanish. As we approached her body language spoke of her uncertainty. We were told to strictly say, “En el hombre de Jesus Christo”(In the name of Jesus Christ). The lady I was with on delivery spoke this phrase and then said “Comprende?”(Understand?) and the lady just stood there. As we got to her door and lifted up the bucket to her she exclaimed with hands over her mouth and tears brimming in her eyes speaking words I will never know but I believe were thanksgivings and blessings. I asked our friend Josea how to say God bless and spoke this to her and hugged her. It really made my heart squeeze to see how this act affects her. It was such an instant shift of change in her once she realized what our purpose was on her property. After delivery of all 110 buckets we joined up with those who had been with the children doing VBS. We all just joined in sitting with the children, smiling and playing with them. It seemed effortless even though so few of us can speak their language. Camryn, Blair and Sara made quick friends with a group of kids around their age and it was a proud moment to sit back and observe. After the house was completed we all said our goodbyes and piled back into the buses for the hour plus ride back to the hotel. Showers, Pizza Hut pizza, worship and Devo and off to bed to rest up for tomorrow! Love you all and keep those prayers coming!!

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