/TORCH 2016 The Ladies of TORCH Day 3

TORCH 2016 The Ladies of TORCH Day 3

Today with one team needing to build a house to get the number set achieved, the rest of us visited Mi Esperanza. There we learned the mission, toured and purchased handmade items. These purchases serve dual purposes. 1. All proceeds go directly back to Mi Esperanza to fund their goal of empowering women with trades and skills that will grant them a means to provide for their family. 2. We get original and unique products to gift to our family and friends back home. (And ourselves) If you are interested in learning more please visit: www.thewomenofmyhope.org We left Mi Esperanza with our goodies and went to eat lunch. The variety from which to pick was Camperos, Little Caesars and Wendy’s. Let me tell you this girl was super glad to see some Wendy’s! After lunch we rode out to The Valley of Angels for shopping which may seem trivial to some reading this and the thought may come, “Hey this is a mission trip?!” However this time of relaxing and pleasure actually benefits the people here and is noticed by their government who have offered words of gratefulness to these groups. It’s a great time spent together and we get to practice our very limited Spanish vocabulary as well as offer kind exchanges with these vendors and people. After heading back to the hotel to clean up and have supper we will have worship together as a group since we could not all be together this morning due to the need to get these homes built. Again some of you may find that offensive but the God I serve knows our hearts and knows what is the greater good. I believe the crew that spent the morning sweating, hauling and hammering to build a home for a needy family worshiped the Lord in a far greater way than some who may have just filled a pew with their hearts a million miles away from worshipping God. These last 2 days have not been hard (speaking for myself only) and I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on a hammer and climbing up to get a roof on! Love you all and we are feeling those prayers!! ~ Ocho Senortias en Honduras

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