/TORCH 2016 The Ladies of TORCH Day 6

TORCH 2016 The Ladies of TORCH Day 6

Today our group (sans Ramona- more about that later on) decided it was time to build again. So we hopped on the bus and headed to Mona Loa. We got off at what we thought was the job site, only to be told to load the tools onto the 2 lumber trucks waiting for the trek up the hill. Everyone helped load the tools and hopped onto the back to catch a ride up the hill. Imagine the curviest, most narrow dirt road that you can… that was our “road”. Many curves, smiling faces, tiny waving hands and bumps later, we arrive at what again we thought was our job site. One truck stopped and unloaded the lumber and tools. We then watched several men help push the other truck up the hill to the 2nd job site. Being the adventurous ladies that we are, we decided to build at the 2nd site. So, we grabbed up our tools and headed up the hill. Tiffany didn’t understand why we didn’t want to just build on the site that was closest to us. Since Blair was one of the first ones to volunteer to head up the hill, she said a few less-than-nice things to her (including “I’m not talking to you for the rest of the day!”) as she trekked up the the hill lugging a ladder, broom and spike bar (picture an over-sized crowbar that’s about 4 ft long and weighs about 30 lbs).  However, once we got to our destination, it was Tiffany that first noticed the spectacular view. She even climbed a little higher to enjoy the view while she took a quick break and ate a snack/lunch. The build went really well, even though we had another “visitor” (remember the baby rattlesnake from Tuesday??). This time it was a baby scorpion! We didn’t get a pic because he was chopped into 2 pieces before we knew it, thank goodness!! Our building crew consisted of 5 males (2 of them locals) and 10 females. Even though it took over an hour to get the posts square, we still finished the job in 4 hours flat! We thought that was pretty spectacular for a predominately female group- 4 of which (Tiffany, Blair, Camryn & myself) had only done this just once before and that was on Tuesday! I want to add that Camryn & Blair have really impressed me and been some of the hardest workers of the group. They don’t complain, and jump right in when they see a need. We are lucky to have them. Around 2:00, we dedicated the house, blessed and prayed over it. It was for a family of 3 females- a single young mother, her little girl, and the young mother’s mom. Earlier in the week we collected some items, including a Bible sent down on the container. We issued it to the young mother and Gail wrote her name inside it for her. She held it close to her heart as if she cherished it. They both said “Glory to God” and the grandmother expressed how much of a blessing the house was and that it would help them have a “better and healthier life” than what they had been living in.  While we were building, Ramona traveled with another group to help serve as an interpreter as they toured the hospital. After visiting and praying with families at the hospital, they went to another community and held a VBS for the local children. At 4:30, we loaded the buses again to make the trip to Janet Hines’ home for food, fellowship and a devotional. Janet was a wonderful host and a good time was had by all. ~ 8 ladies

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