/TORCH 2016 The Ladies of TORCH Day 7

TORCH 2016 The Ladies of TORCH Day 7

We started the day with the hopes of visiting children in Diamante and doing VBS activities with them, but when Blair and I got to the buses this morning we realized that there was a need for more people in the construction crew. After debating our thoughts and battling with wanting to spend time with the children, we decided to go and build in the outskirts of the humid rainforest. Once we had hopped onto the big white construction bus we knew that day was going to be a long, hard day. After facing the winding and curving roads up the mountain, we got to a muddy road which lead us to a soccer field where we initially stopped our journey in the bus. When we started to unload the bus, everyone grabbed a piece of the load to trudge up very steep and muddy hills that resulted in slipping, sweating, and muscles for days. Afterwards, we finally made it to the sites and noticed that there was no wood or beams at the places we were going to build. We all then had to hike back down the mountain and hall the wood and beams back and forth up the steep hills repeatedly ,until Tiffany Ward came up with an idea to pay the Honduran men in lempiras that were helping us with carrying the wood up the hills in order for the rest of us to get started on the building process. Finally after all the building supplies made it up the hills and we got the house squared and leveled, the process moved a lot faster until we got to the flooring of the build. It then began to pour down in rain sporadically. We rushed to get our ponchos and rain jackets on and move all of our backpacks under a large lime tree. After we moved everything, we continued to work in the rain until it lightened up and mid-build there was a strange bathroom experience had by Sara McCafferty.  (some details will not be included, if you really want to know ask me or Blair or Mrs. McCafferty herself) Some may say that the bathroom experience was gross, loud, or maybe even hysterical. In the end, we finished the house and began the dedication of the house and showing to the couple we had built it for. We gave gifts to them such as bed sheets, water, a floor mat, a laundry basket, bibles, etc. The look of pure gratitude and happiness on the man and woman’s face made Blair and I never regret our decision to take such an adventure as this than going to visit children of God. ~ Camryn and Blair

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