/TORCH 2016 The Ladies of TORCH Day 8

TORCH 2016 The Ladies of TORCH Day 8

Today we woke up knowing exactly what we would be doing. My dad graciously handed me some money before I left with one request and that was to give it directly to someone in need as I saw on this trip. Day one I was given an opportunity to use part of the money but I just really wanted to wait and let God speak to me. Monday, our first build day, we helped construct a home for a family that lives directly beside the dump. Camryn fell in love with their youngest daughter Ani and I fell in love with this couple. For me they exuded kindness, gentleness and joy in the midst, sight and smell of such despair. I left there wanting so badly to just give them the entire amount but did not. For some reason I felt held back. However Thursday night after spending time in conversation with my brother Tim Hines, he suggested I could go buy items for the family and he would arrange for us to go back and deliver it! I tell you I could’ve shot through the roof! It completely made my trip! We shopped at the store on the base floor of our hotel with Oyneda’s assistance and loaded it all up. We then headed to Mi Esperanza to load up some boxes from our church container to deliver to the clinic and community of Santa Ana. [More on that below as told by Sara McCafferty however I have to include what a tremendous job sister Terri Tindall is doing with these children! Pouring out the love of Jesus to unwanted, neglected, abused and special needs children.We got to meet little Jair and give him the hug a sweet sister requested and also got to meet precious Daisy. These 2 sweet souls are sponsored by some pretty awesome people from our church! We didn’t get to stay long and everyone was sad to leave.] After loading items from the container we headed back to the dump site to deliver these gifts to the family. As we pulled up we could see an addition had already been built on the rear of the house and a pretty pink curtain was flapping in the doorway. We parked in front of the house and got out. The mother came out and I accidentally called her the wrong name! (After 3 houses built you might could understand) I knew as soon as it left my lips it was another home owners name and quickly asked her name again. Martina. Gail explained why we were back and where these gifts came from as little Ani her youngest daughter ran up to our group. You could tell she wasn’t quiet sure and as there was already another group working in their community I’m sure she just thought it was new people. If I only could’ve captured on video the moment it clicked with her that it was Camryn. She smiled so big and as we went inside she grabbed the puppy dog toy that we gave her Monday after the build to show us she had it on her bed! (My sweet Sophie packed some of her own stuffed animals to give out) Martina was so very grateful and I can only imagine what her husbands reaction was when he returned home from working! We were able to give her a bible and some cash as well and it was a HUGE blessing and for us all. We then trekked just up the hill where the other house had been built on Monday and gave that family a bible and some cash. They were very grateful and busy digging out a bathroom in the backyard. We left there and traveled back up the hill toward the dump where we wanted to give all the shoes the groups had not wanted to take home and Oyneda for our safety hopped out and handed those out. It was more than a great day and I am humbled and honored to have been used in this way. We head home tomorrow ready to see our families but very sad to leave these people and this place. Prayers deeply coveted! 8 ladies in Honduras Sara’s story below: As we were getting ready to head to Santa Ana, my excitement grew more and more. We took the curvy roads to head that way. As we arrived at the church/orphanage there, I felt a sense of peace. We walked through the gate and not a soul was to be found around the church. I felt sorta lost. In my mind, I imagined a Sunday morning with families and kids running around everywhere getting ready for church to start. The little pathway that led down held so many memories, like the kids running up to greet me or just screaming, “SARA!”.. A few tears came to my eye. We decided to go in to Casa to visit. We entered and talked to Ms. Teri at the front gate. While listening to her, some kids who have grown a special place in my heart, showed up at the gate peeking through saying my name waiting for me to come out. I had no idea that the mother would walk them all the way from their house to the church just to see me. This mother is the sister of the lady whom we built a ramp for last year. I made my way up the hill running into her arms. We both began to sob a little and right there I felt so much love. The kids were so excited to see me that they ran around me. I stood for a few minutes and just watched them. I couldn’t believe how much they’d grown in a year. I felt like I was missing two people though, Addison Lowery and Abby Singletary. They had grown a connection with these kids just as well. I had my friends take pictures of us. Then I knew the hard part was coming, I had to say goodbye to them, not knowing when i’d be back or if I would be able to come back next year. I couldn’t find the words to say. I am not a very good Spanish speaker, so I did what I could. She told the kids I was leaving, and my little girl I was so attached to (Faviola) who is 3 years old came running up to me and kissed me on the cheek. I stood up and hugged Ms. Carmen and began to cry. She cried and started saying some things in Spanish that I knew had to be sweet because of the heart she has. It was a moment I will never forget. This entire day was a day I will never forget. From seeing my special friend Doris from the orphanage to seeing mi familia, I was just so at home. I leave with the hopes of coming back next year to connect with mi familia. This is a place I never want to leave and don’t look forward to leaving. I came to Honduras two years ago not knowing that this would become home. My third year back and I plan to make as many more as I can. And maybe one day, I can live here and live my dreams of being a missionary. Bittersweet day that I will never forget. Honduras gives me a hope I’ll never lose. ~ 8 ladies

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